KOFFI DISC FINE & MESH - AeroPress Barista Filter Twin Pack - Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Filters


KOFFI DISC FINE & MESH - AeroPress Barista Filter Twin Pack - Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Filters

EAN: 7426757172150


  • TWO FILTERS, ENDLESS FLAVOUR POSSIBILITIES - Our Aeropress filter pack allows fine tuning of your brew. For a brighter, sweeter, full bodied cup use the MESH. For a mellower, fuller bodied cup with more fines try the FINE. Discover better coffee with the KOFFI DISC pack. The Perfect gift for any AeroPress coffee lover.
  • INSTANT UPGRADE - Replace your usual paper Aerobie AeroPress filters with the reusable KOFFI DISC for better coffee.
  • PERFECT DESIGN - The DISC is designed to fit the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker perfectly. Stainless Steel will not rust, high quality ultra fine mesh will not tarnish.
  • DESIGNED FOR INVERTED BREWING - The DISC is designed for use with the Inverted Method, Giving better extraction and control over your brew.
  • ULTIMATE PORTABILITY - Simply lock the DISC into your AeroPress when travelling, no more bags of paper filters.


Paper filters give your coffee a papery taste, block natural oils from your brew & remove a huge amount of flavour and body. A KOFFI DISC allows those vital natural oils through leading to a more flavoursome cup of coffee. We promise you'll notice the difference.

Discover Your Perfect Brew
Every coffee blend offers a wide range of flavours depending on the brew method, to truly experience these flavours you need to experiment. The KOFFI DISC BARISTA PACK gives you more options to discover your perfect cup. Like your coffee bright and bold? Use the MESH. Like a more rounded, mellower, fuller bodied brew? Use the FINE.

Better Brewing with the Inverted Method
The DISC is designed to be used with the Inverted Method. We recommend always using the Inverted Method when using your AeroPress, this allows for a more controlled brew time and better extraction.

At KOFFI we don't believe in bad coffee, we take our AeroPress everywhere we go. Camping, Hotels, Work? The DISC makes your AeroPress ultra portable, no more paper filters, simply lock the DISC into your cap and go.

Easy to Clean
The KOFFI DISC is super easy to clean. A simple rinse under hot water is all you need to remove left-behind grounds.

Knowledge & Customer Service
KOFFI is run by coffee lovers for coffee lovers; we know our beans! We also believe in exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, problems or feedback get in touch.

How To Use
Fit in place of usual filter (It will be a snug fit to start with but will ease up with use)
Prepare your brew using the inverted method
When brewing with the FINE use a coarser grind
After use remove the DISC and rinse
Pat dry

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